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Southeast Water Restoration faced a problem with their outdated website, which wasn’t optimized for search engines, resulting in fewer potential customers finding them online. To overcome this challenge, they chose to revamp their website with the help of experts to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that was optimized for search engines.


The solution was to build a new website from scratch, which used the latest design trends and best practices. The new website was optimized for search engines in several ways, including keyword optimization, on-page optimization, and content optimization. In addition, the website was built with a responsive design that made it accessible on different devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Design

Southeast Water Restoration's website was optimized for numerous devices and screen sizes, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones because it was developed with a responsive design.

Keyword Optimization

Aside from doing web design for Southeast Water Restoration, we optimized the website for pertinent keywords and phrases to raise its search engine ranking.

On-Page Optimization

We performed a number of on-page optimization adjustments to Southeast Water Restoration's website to make it more search engine friendly, including bettering the header, meta, and title tags.

Content Optimization

Southeast Water Restoration received assistance from 427 Digital in producing high-quality, keyword-rich content.


The outcome of this investment was a resounding success. The new website had a modern look and feel, was easy to navigate, and had improved search engine rankings. As a result, Southeast Water Restoration experienced increased organic traffic, which led to more potential customers finding them online and ultimately increased business.